What Is a Virtual Team?

Virtual teams happen when at least one member works 90 feet or more away from their nearest colleague – which often leads to communication frustration.

Think your virtual team could brush up on its communication skills? Contact the experts at Virtual Team Builders for a virtual assessment today!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1:

Contact Virtual Team Builders to see about scheduling your Virtual Team Effectiveness Assessment or Virtual Team Needs Review to learn how your virtual team can work to its full potential

And hey, look at that – you’re done!

We offer two assessments:

Virtual Team Effectiveness Assessment

Our Virtual Team Effectiveness Assessment follows a comprehensive process that examines all aspects of your virtual team's infrastructure. What you get:
  • Confidential Individual results, identifying each team member’s top three challenges and strengths

  • Overall Team results for each question and section, as well as aggregate data of all results

  • Virtual Interviews with employees who completed the assessment

  • A 90-minute Leader consultation with Virtual Team Builders to review and explain:
    • Team leader’s assessment results
    • Team’s assessment results
    • Detailed report of findings including a recommendations report and training roadmap
- OR -

Virtual Team Needs Review

Through a process of interviews and completion of our questionnaire, we identify the top three challenges your team currently faces and how these challenges are impacting them. The results enable us to customize a program that best supports your overall corporate and virtual team objectives.

Why virtual team assessments?

Face-to-face communications strategies don’t always work in a virtual world.

They rely on proximity

They rely on eye contact

They make virtual team members feel excluded

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Virtual Team Builders teaches your team the skills and strategies they need to:

Bridge the gap

Drive engagement

Improve productivity

About Virtual Team Builders

Distinguished as Canada's pioneer in virtual team building, Claire Sookman specializes in helping geographically-dispersed teams reduce costs and reach their maximum potential through training, coaching, consulting, and designing.

As the driving force behind Virtual Team Builders, Claire brings to the table over a decade's worth of corporate and public sector training experience. In the past three years alone, she has worked with over 4,500 managers. Claire specializes in virtual team building and communication strategies and provides training that enables teams that are geographically dispersed to work more efficiently.